Following my first part of this medium procedure which mainly focused on the deployment side, today will get more into detail on the Object Storage ability of Ceph & keeping it with high availability to ensure no failures.

I’ll start digging first into Ceph S3 user creation, and some basic S3 commands using AWS-CLI interpreter. Next up will get more into making our Ceph cluster as redundant for failures as possible using tools like HAProxy & Keepalived.

Please ensure all of the previous steps taken on the first part have been performed to ensure the procedure runs smoothly.

Ceph Object Storage using Amazon S3

First, pick…

What is and why Ceph?

In short, Ceph is open-source, software-defined storage (SDS) solution for providing highly scalable object, block & file-based storage from a single system.

Ceph is designed to be a multi-purpose, distributed software and more to be a “One Stop Solution” to overcome the ordinary enterprise's datacenter architecture following the scaling out perception.

The Ceph cluster can work combining these essential nodes and more:

  • Monitors (MON) maintain a map of the cluster nodes state to
  • Managers (MGR) run alongside monitors to daemons & provides external monitoring and management interface.
  • Metadata Servers (MDS) store the cluster’s metadata mainly used for file-based storage.
  • Object…

Nowadays, when Red Hat declared shifting their focus towards CentOS Stream and stoping the support for CentOS by the end of 2021, users and enterprises are looking for an alternative to update their servers and keep them up & running, using a reliable & supported version of a Linux distribution.

Two solutions are available for this scenario, converting to CentOS Stream or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

The CentOS stream's first option isn’t recommended due to its main purpose of being a testing environment mainly for developers and not suited for a production environment. …

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